Project Management Interview Questions

By Sean Haggard | November 29

The role of a project manager is as varied as the scope of the projects and the size of the company with which you will be dealing. You will be filling a specific role with specific objectives, so your project management interview questions will focus on your ability to perform well. Use examples from your training and experience to demonstrate that you will be the perfect fit for whatever the interviewer needs.

Like most job interviews, a project management interview includes behavioral questions to determine how you would perform in a given situation. Your interview will also include competency-based questions that test you on essential project management skills such as planning, scheduling, organization, problem-solving, team-building, negotiation, communication, adaptability, and leadership. The overall goal is for your project to come in on-time and on-budget (or under-time and under-budget) with a high-quality result.

A project-based background or education will come in handy when tackling the tough interview questions. Because most organizations are demanding more from employees, your odds of being hired as a project manager will improve if you have a project manager certification (most notably from the Project Management Institute) or have gone through a project management degree program. You should be familiar with how to use project management systems, such as Microsoft Project, Basecamp, activeCollab, and ManagePro.

Project Management Interview Questions

Some of the most-asked project management interview questions are noted below. Use this list to prepare for your next interview and get hired.

How to answer project management interview questions

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